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The Dark Side Of Digital Photography Strikes Back

The fourth problem with digital photography is the way they are printed.

Printing your own digital photos is not better or cheaper in the long run than having your digital photo printed by a lab. Why do they give you a free printer so often with a computer or camera? Because they plan to make a small fortune from you in ink. Add the cost of ink to the cost of photographic quality paper and you are paying as much as a print costs at a lab. Add the cost of redoing a digital print because the color was not what you saw on the screen or the printer heads were dirty and now it is even more expensive. Do not forget the time you spend waiting for the printer to print. You often end up with a print that you would not accept from a lab that cost just as much. Not really worth it.

Labs have a color management system to make sure the print comes out as close as possible to how it is recorded in the file. Not only that, but photographic prints have improved their archival quality over the past few years. While some ink jet printers have improved image stability and some are even much better than photographic prints, many ink jet printers have very poor image stability. Some ink jet digital photos deteriorate in as short as 5 years.

Printing digital photos at home can be difficult and a headache as well as expensive. It is a matter of having the right tools and software.

Finally, digital photos need special care.

Digital photos are more fragile that film photos. While digital photos printed on photographic paper are not more fragile than film images, the files may not be as safe as putting the negatives in a shoebox. Film negatives are susceptible to fire and flood and physical damage, so are digital files. Digital files are also susceptible to mechanical failure in the hard drive. I just had a drive fail and lost some of the data on it. It really is not just a question of if, but when your drive will fail.

Also, for the first time, your memories could catch a virus. There are real losers out there that have nothing better to do than write viruses that can damage your computer. Some of them actually target digital photos on the computers they attack. I have met people who have lost their all digital photos to a computer virus.

Ok, there are 5 problems that are unique to digital photography.

All of these problems are manageable as long you know what to expect. Use fill flash to fill shadow (does not always work). Be careful with your exposure. Have quality prints made of your favorite digital photographs and make sure to back up digital photography files to quality DVD’s or CD’s. Make sure you run virus software that updates itself daily to keep digital photos on your computer safe from viruses.

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