Buying A Digital Camera Online

Buying a digital camera online can be a bit scary.

It is a lot of money. You do not actually see the person you are giving your hard earned money to.

How do you know you are dealing with a reputable company?

You can try looking in a photography magazine. I have had what I would call a bad experience with a business that has had several huge muti-page adds in photography magazines for years. You would think that it would be easier to work with a business that has been around that long and has such a large impression in the industry. I have had good experience with others that have been around just as long and have just as large size adds in the photography magazines. I have also had to order from a second choice when my first choice seemed to close for a month to do inventory (I hope to be able to take a month off myself someday soon and do inventory. Lets see, ten fingers and eleven toes, that’s not right. Better count that again).

Many people are nervous about using their credit card online

I think that is unnecessary. The real worry about online credit card fraud is with the retailers. Since they do not have a signature, they cannot prove you made the order. The retailers are the ones that lose out in online credit card fraud.

Your bank is already connected to the internet

It is more likely that they will get broken into and you records stolen directly from them than for you to get hacked will using a credit card online. You are actually relatively safe using your credit card on the internet. Do not use a debit card on the internet. While, if your card is used fraudulently, you will probably eventually get your money back, it is money missing from your account till you can get it back. Bad if you need that money to pay bills in the mean time.

You do need to be careful who you give your card number or any information to though

Never sign in to any financial service online from an email link. Never use a link from an email to sign in anywhere you electronically transfer money, such as banks, credit card sites, Paypal, and Ebay. It is easy to forge an email and send you someplace that looks like the real site.

My little public service message about using credit cards online is over now, back to digital cameras

How do you find a good online business to buy a digital camera from?

There are some good solid nationally known camera stores that are also online. Many of the consumer electronic stores have online stores also. This is great because you can order what you want without having a salesman insist you buy something else. Some stores are even cheaper when you buy online.

Be careful of consumer directories that try to tell you the best price from among several stores

I have had a hard time finding the actual price quoted at the directory anywhere at an online store. Sometimes the price quoted is minus a few parts that should be included. I once ordered a $4000 scanner that came minus the cables. You are better off finding one good online business and purchase from them rather than trying to save a few dollars looking for the cheapest deal. You do not always know who is in charge of the rating system. It many be the top rated business owner’s cousin Lenny. I ordered a digital (new) camera once using a directory like this. Good thing I decided to play with it before I gave it as a gift – it had photos of marijuana plants in it’s memory.

Things are improving and sometimes you can save a lot of time. Online pricing directories can be a quick way to check prices from several well known online stores.

Some places I have had good experience:

  • Known as a trusted online retailer for computer related needs. They have great prices on quality digital cameras.
  • eBay can be a great place. Many photo retailers also have an Ebay store. You can use the Ebay feedback to help choose a reliable retailer.
  • Amazon Known for selling books, they sell almost everything now. It has one of the best online reputations in the world.
  • A professional level photographic store. They also handle comsumer digital cameras.

Purchasing from reliable online store can be quick, convenient, and a great way to save money. Often, you can have your digital camera almost as fast as if you bought it locally. The trick is finding one that is trustworthy.

Now we know how not to buy a digital camera. We looked at two types of businesses to buy a digital camera from: Buying a digital camera from a local camera shop and buying a digital camera from an online retailer. What do you need to know next? What kind of photographer are you? You will need to answer this question before you know what type of digital camera to shop for.

What kind of photographer are you?


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