Digital Camera Warrantees

Is the type of warrantee that comes with my digital camera important?

You will invest at least a few hundred dollars in your digital camera. You have a right to expect it to work when you get it and not to break prematurely. No matter what brand digital camera you choose, occasionally something goes wrong and I will need to be repaired or replaced. This is where the warrantee becomes important.

In the United States you may be given a choice

A USA warrantee, or an import. If you live in the United States, the manufacturer may not honor a warrantee from outside the U.S. This is because the camera is gray market, meaning it was imported outside of the manufacturers distribution network.

Does that mean if I buy a camera without a USA warrantee and it breaks I will have to pay to get it fixed?

Not necessarily. Good businesses that offer digital cameras without a USA warrantee will usually offer to warrantee the camera themselves. This does mean you will only be able to deal with the store you bought it from, not the manufacturer.

This is ok, but there is a drawback

What if the store goes out of business? You may be left without any warrantee. Personally, the few dollars you would save are not worth it to me. I suggest sticking with the USA warrantee.

I know many of my readers are from outside the United States

I do not know at this time how the manufacturers handle warrantees outside the United States. I would not be able to give accurate information. If anyone is familiar with warrantees in other countries I would appreciate you letting me know how they work. That way I can inform others here. You can contact me by email on the feedback page.

What about extended warrantees?

Many stores may offer an extended warranty for an additional amount. I am not sure if I should recommend them or not. Chances are, if your digital camera works properly for the first year while under warrantee, it should work fine the next year or two the extended warrantee would cover. That is, baring physical damage that would not be covered anyway. It is really a choice you will have to decide on yourself. You can also check your credit card. Your credit card may automatically extend the warrantee itself.

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