Why I Chose To Buy A Canon SD600 Digital Elph

Here is a real-life example adapting the principles in my guide on how to choose a digital camera.

My wife and I decided to buy a digital camera as a Christmas present ourselves last year. We chose to buy a Canon SD600 Digital Elph. I will briefly go through the reasons why we chose this particular model. This may not be the right camera for you, but I hope you can still use the method for choosing a digital camera that is right for you.

First of all, since I did not need advice from a local camera store, we chose to buy our digital camera online.

We chose to order our digital camera from NewEgg. NewEgg has long been a trusted online retailer for computer parts, software, and computers. They have an excellent reputation for service and great price. Also, they sell digital cameras.

This digital camera was for my wife to carry in her purse, and for us to use on vacations.

It’s been very inconvenient to carry a large digital SLR on our last few vacations. I had been thinking a compact point-and-shoot digital camera would be nice, and was glad my wife proposed we get for Christmas. The type of photography we wanted to use this camera for meant a compact point-and-shoot digital camera would be ideal.

My wife had seen a very tiny digital camera and suggested a camera like the one she saw.

The camera or she was referring to, had very low resolution, and was made by a consumer electronics company not a photographic company. I pointed out that a digital camera made by a real photographic camera manufacturer would not cost much more. I also told her, but I believe we would be much happier with a higher quality camera in the long run. My wife is wonderful, and of course agreed. We did agree, that we wanted a small compact digital camera. Size was a primary factor.

I firmly believe that Canon and Nikon are the two best camera manufacturers available in consumer cameras

Both are well-known for their excellent lenses and high-quality cameras. I am more familiar with Canon, and decided to stick with that.

Even though this was meant to just be a fun camera for my wife, he never know when you will take that one picture that becomes a real treasure.

It would be a real shame if that picture cannot be enlarged due to poor resolution. I always recommend at least a six megapixel digital camera because this will give results similar to 35mm. Again, the price difference between a lower resolution camera and a six megapixel camera is not that big. We chose to concentrate on at least a six megapixel camera.

Type of memory is often chosen by the choosing the brand of camera.

Both Nikon and Canon tend to use CompactFlash or secure Digital (SD). Because both these memory formats are popular among many manufacturers, both memory formats are well supported. It is easy to find good deals. In fact, we got a free 1 GB secure Digital memory card when we bought our Canon SD600 Digital Elph from NewEgg.

My wife is excited about the movie capability of the camera, I couldn’t care less.

It has some image effect features I also have no use for. It does have a nice optical zoom, which is more important. It is also one of the smallest digital cameras available with a reasonable resolution.

The camera came from NewEgg with all the cables and software that it should have.

Also included was the battery and charger to fit. Nothing was stripped out of it.

Our Canon SD600 Digital Elph was made for sale in the United States.

It has the USA warranty. I did not order any kind of extended warranty.

It came down to a choice between the Canon SD600 and the Canon SD630.

Both have the same resolution, and same zoom lens. The SD630 has a larger preview screen. The SD600 is just a hair smaller, and has an optical viewfinder were the 630 does not. With an optical viewfinder and a price about $40 less than the SD 630, the Canon SD600 Digital Elph was the final winner.

So far we’re both happy with the Canon SD600 Digital Elph.

It responds fast with little lag. It takes great digital photographs. It is extremely small and very convenient. Now, I just need to dig into that user manual. It’s a great camera for its intended purpose. I can definitely recommend Canon SD600 Digital Elph, and recommend purchasing it from NewEgg.


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