How To Choose A Digital Camera

If you do not own a digital camera yet, you probably will be replacing your film camera with one soon

You may be reading this because you are trying to decide on your first digital camera. Maybe it is a second camera and you were not really happy with the first digital camera. I believe I have some important advice that will really help you to make a wise decision and choose a digital camera that you will be happy with not only after your model is replaced with new one but for several years.

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I am hoping, with this guide to choosing a digital camera, to have a guide that will be useful for several years

One that will be just as useful two years from today. Most books on digital photography are so outdated by the time they are published that they are not very useful. It seems that by the time a magazine article gets written for a particular camera model, the manufacturer has already introduced a replacement. If anything seems to be outdated faster than a computer, it would be digital cameras.

So, if you have been waiting to buy a digital camera that will not be outdated, you will either buy one that will be outdated or you will never buy one. Still, I believe you can by a camera that will truly satisfy any need for a camera and do that for years to come.

I have talked to many people who bought digital cameras just a few years ago and were very disappointed

Some bought the camera with the idea of saving money by printing the photos at home, only to discover that this is time consuming, difficult, and more expensive. Just a few years ago it was difficult to find someplace to print your digital photos with a reasonably good quality. To be honest, the digital camera industry tended to be, shall we say, over zealous, about the quality the camera actually produced and tended to gloss over many of the problems it has. Many bought a digital camera expecting it to be better than their trusty 35mm and found that it was not even as good.

The good news is that I believe the technology has matured

You can now buy a digital camera that will take photos every bit as good as 35mm. Most of the problems unique to digital camera like lag and start-up time have been improved. You can now get very high quality digital photos printed nearly anywhere. Yes, digital cameras do now produce photo quality photos.

It is important when choosing a digital camera, that you choose one that will do what you want or need

I will discuss the different styles and their capabilities. This is an important point. The camera that Uncle Harry says is best, may not be right for you. You may not need the latest, most expensive digital camera. You probably do not need many of the features that a salesman will list off. In fact, you probably will find many of those features worthless. It does not matter if the camera has a CCD or a CMOS chip. What does matter is that it will serve your needs and wants. I think it should also do that just as well next year and the year after that.

Now, manufacturers are going to continue to improve digital cameras

I believe the improvements that will make the most difference to the average consumer will be in noise reduction, increased light sensitivity (ISO) without additional noise, processing speed, and exposure latitude. You will note that you will almost never hear these terms discussed about digital cameras. These are the areas that digital cameras tend to be weak in. They are improving and if you follow this guide, these should be the only reasons you would consider your camera outdated.

Why do I think you can purchase a digital camera without worrying about it being outdated?

Because I am going to compare them to a standard that is already accepted. For years, the quality, and convenience of 35mm film cameras has been the accepted level of quality not just for amateur standards but for many professional level standards. Many digital cameras have now obtained a 35mm level of quality. By helping you choose a digital camera using 35mm film quality as the standard, I hope that I will help you choose a camera that will produce a quality photo for years to come. There will be new, better cameras but yours will provide a level of quality that no one will object to.

I will be dividing this guide into sections:

We’ll start with how not to choose a digital camera

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