How To Take Great Fireworks Photos

There is an art or maybe a knack to taking great fireworks photos

fireworks photography

Do you want to capture some great 4th of July fireworks pictures? Then keep reading, because this guide will show you how. Taking photos of fireworks is not an exact science for most people. It will take some experimentation and a little luck at first to learn how, but this guide should help you come home with some great photos on your first try.

Those who create the show are sometimes worthy of the title artist themselves

It is easy to be thrilled by the display and overcome by the loud noise and never realize the true talent that is put into a great fireworks display. It was not until I saw photographs I took once of a fireworks show that I saw the artistic composition that had gone unnoticed to my eye.

Creating a fireworks show is also a dangerous art form

A family run fireworks business in the state I live in, had a serious accident years ago at their factory. Once in a while you will also hear about an accident on national news, like the barge to be used for one fireworks show that blew up one year. Fortunately, photography has become a fairly safe art since the advent of Eastman Kodak’s safety film in the early 20th century.

Still, keep safety in mind while you take fireworks photos

Never try to get closer than you are allowed. Even you have clearance from local officials to get close, check with those in charge of the display to make sure you are keeping a safe distance.

Now on to the techniques you will need for great fireworks photos

We will look at two different methods of photographing fireworks

The first is for those with more the more common and limited point-and-shoot style camera. You may get some ok shots this way but you will be limited by your camera.

The second method is for those who have a more adjustable and flexible camera. This is the best way to take get great fireworks photos. The more flexible cameras will allow you a much better chance of getting that great shot of the Grande Finale with the Statute of Liberty or whatever local landmark in the background.

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