How To Take Sharp Photos With Your Camera

Every one wants to know how to take better photos

Probably one of the biggest reasons photos do not turn out like we want is because they are blurry or not as sharp as they could be. My goal with this guide is to give you advice on why this happens, and how to take sharp photos.

If you have been disappointed in results from your camera, it may not be the camera.

Just changing a few things in the way you use your camera, can make a huge difference in the quality of your digital photos or film photography and get you sharper photos. Even pro photographers need to keep these in mind when they take pictures or else they cannot rely on getting sharp photos to sell.

You may not need to run out and buy a new digital camera.

First, try a few of these techniques for sharp photos and see if they help. While a more expensive digital camera will have a higher resolution, if your 4×6 photos look unsharp with a 3 megapixel digital camera, they will look just as blurry with an 8 megapixel camera. You will see a difference with an 8×10 enlargement with more detail from a camera with a higher resolution.

If you try the techniques in this guide and still are not getting sharp photos, then it may be time for a new camera

There has been a great improvement in photographic technology over the past 20 years in lenses. It may be hard to accept but even better quality cameras and lenses are not a match for today’s computer designed lenses from Nikon and Canon. If you are still using a film camera you may want to think about buying a digital camera.

Most of these suggestions work the same for your digital camera as well as film but I will let you know if there is difference.

The main culprits are:

A couple are closely related but I will try to tackle these reasons for blurry photos in order. First is focus.

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