How To Take Sharp Photos – Conclusion

I hope I have been able to educate you about taking sharp photos without boring you with too many details.

In summary to take photos as sharp as possible you need to do the following:

Make sure everything you want is in focus

  • Focus on subject
  • Small apertures

Avoid camera movement

  • Hold the camera properly
  • Use faster shutter speeds
  • Use a tripod
  • Use flash

Avoid Subject motion

  • Use faster shutter speeds
  • Use flash

Get the best resolution you can

  • Use 6 megapixel or better digital camera (or 35mm film camera)
  • Use low IOS setting or film
  • Use fine quality setting and highest file size on digital cameras
  • Use good lenses (avoid cheap plastic)

Do these things and you’ll find your pictures will turn out sharp. Try to follow as many recommendations as regularly as possible so that the once-in-a-lifetime photo you take, turns out nice and tack sharp when you want to enlarge it. Just like you saw it!

This may seem like a lot to remember, but start with one or two things at a time. As you practice, your find more and more of your photos turn out sharp.


About James Thoenes

James has spent most of his life involved in photography. He is now dedicated to producing portraits that his clients will treasure for the rest of their lives.