How To Take Better Graduation Ceremony Photos

Graduation is one of the most important events in your son or daughter’s life.

Are you ready to get great photos of this event? Many people take their camera and spend the event snapping away. It is not till later that they discover they have missed it. It only happens once.

Taking better graduation ceremony photos is not hard. You may need to change your expectation of what photos to take. By just changing your perspective about the photos will help you not only take better graduation ceremony photos, but also make the whole graduation event much more meaningful to you.

When I was printing photos in the lab, every May and June we would see the same photo.

It consists of the back of a row of chairs, topped by a row of very bright, glowing, overexposed heads. Occasionally, a few more rows of chairs with heads would be visible, but that is all you see. It was always disheartening to see the look on mom’s face when she sees them. Yet, everyone does it. The sad truth is, the pictures were doomed from the start. And mom did not even have a good view of the actual event, because she was looking through the camera the whole time.

While, if you are real close, it may be possible to get good photos at a graduation ceremony, I’ll go on record that much of the time, it is nearly impossible to get a great photo during the ceremony.

If your are a parent, unless you are within 20 feet of your son or daughter, you will not get a good photo of the event.

This is because most camera flashes have a maximum distance of 20 feet. It may be even less. There are other things going against you too.

What I suggest, if you are not allowed to go forward (or maybe even if you are) and take photos closer to the graduation ceremony, just put the camera down.

This is an event you do not want to miss. Enjoy the moment. Live the moment. Make it something you will remember without a photo. Why limit yourself to watching this moment through the tiny window of a camera? If the school has a professional photographer on hand, buy one of his photos when it is available if you really feel you need that photo.

Now that you’ve decided to enjoy your son or daughter’s graduation ceremony, let’s talk about taking some great photos that will really be important for the rest of time.

You will find these ideas will help you really get some great photos that tell all about the graduation ceremony that everyone will enjoy.

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