What Should I Expect To Be Included With My Digital Camera?

What Should You Expect To Be In The Box With Your New Digital Camera?

There are some practices that you find occasionally practiced by businesses. One practice is removing items that are originally included with the camera. Sometimes they are sold as an extra accessory with the camera “Do you want the cable to connect the camera to your computer, it’s just $10.00 extra?” . Sometimes, these items are simple sold elsewhere for profit (eBay?).

When you check prices, make sure everything is included in the price

It is not really cheaper if you end up having to pay extra for what should already be in the box. I do not think that is honest.

What should you expect to be included?

You should receive the cable to connect the digital camera to your computer. You should receive a CD with the driver for your camera and the CD usually has basic software for working with digital images on your computer. make sure you receive any strap that is supposed to come with the digital camera. Most important make sure the instruction book is included. If the camera comes with a rechargeable battery, the charger should be included.

The instruction book should have a list of things that are included

Make sure it is all there when it arrives. If not double check. Then call the store you bought it from and find out where it is.

It is not uncommon for a digital camera to come without a memory card included

Just expect this. It is probably a choice by the manufacturer, not from someone removing it. You should plan to purchase a new memory card either with your digital camera or from another source so you have it when your digital camera arrives.

I do not suggest kits or accessory packages that include lenses or flashes not made specifically by your camera’s manufacturer

These third party flashes and lenses are not the same quality as those made by the manufacturer. Do not be tempted by a cheap offer. They are not worth what they are charging no matter how little.

Packages with lenses by the manufacturer are a different story

You may want to take a look at them. The lens Canon includes in a kit with the Digital Rebel 300D is difficult to find when not bought with the camera. Any lens made by your camera’s manufacturer is much more likely to be of higher quality than one made by a third party.

Basically, make sure you get what you paid for

Make sure you know what you are paying for. You should be getting everything the camera manufacturer includes in the box. Otherwise, it is like buying a car and the salesman asking you if you would like a key to go with it.

Next, a little warning about warrantees.


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