How To Crop And Size Photos For Email

A video on how to use Adobe Photoshop Elements to crop and size a photo before emailing it.

You crop images the same way in Photoshop as well as many image editing software programs.

Why crop and size a photo before you email it?

In the video below, the image was origianally over 8MB as a Jpeg file. This would take a long time for the person you are emailing to download. It would take even longer to send it. Nearly all the time, these images are only looked at on the computer. There is no need for a big file. Croping and resizing your photography before you email it is a nice thing for the people you are sending it to.

Why not just shoot a lower quality image setting?

I recommend that you always use the highest quality image setting your camera offers you. This way, you will be ready when that once in a life time image occurs (it happens a lot more than once in a lifetime). You can always make a photograph smaller but if you do not have the detail to begin with, you cannot make it larger. Keep your camera at the highest quality setting.

I made the video below to show both cropping the photograph and compressing it.

This is nearly the same in Photoshop as it is in Photoshop Elements. I am also using an early version of Elements. Later versions work the same way. The save for Web feature is somewhat unique to Adobe products. It is very convienient as it allows you to see the effect of compression as you try to make the image smaller.

In the following video I take an 8MB file and shrink it down to about 17k.

This makes it very fast to download. If you think someone might want get a print of the photo, let them know you can send a higher resolution version if they want to print it.

I hope you find the video useful.

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  1. Naturally, the people who you’re sending the emails to will appreciate the minute or two it takes to do this.