About James Thoenes

James has spent most of his life involved in photography. He is now dedicated to producing portraits that his clients will treasure for the rest of their lives.

A New Beginning

A new start back in portrait photography. When I first bought the domain name for this site, I was still running a portrait studio my father had started as a family business. I had started to create a photography how-to site but then found that there were some very good ones already out there and […]

Bad Weather Equals Great Photos

Sometimes the best time to grab your camera is when most people consider the weather bad. Fog, rain and even snow can make great photos. I really like the effect of light through fog. It allows you to see the beam of light clearly. It makes a very

How To Get Great Photos Of Outdoor Christmas Lights

How to get great photos of outdoor Christmas lights at night. Hints for cold weather, night time photography. Two photographs of outdoor Christmas lights at night.